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Altus Lifestyle is a solid international real estate company which specializes in redevelopment and sale of properties of great value. It is founded by entrepreneur Fabio Massimo Covarrubias, with property interests all over the world, and Florentine manager Pasquale Cataldi who boasts more than 20 years of experience in Italian real estate and the artistic and cultural market. Altus Lifestyle offers its services to a broad range of investors in both Italian and foreign luxury real estate. Together with designer Michele Morandi its team works towards the goal of restoring buildings from the past to their former splendor, highlighting a cultural heritage which belongs to the world and future generations.
A long history of success
In 2016 we started an avant-garde real estate business but our roots go back a long way. Our decades-long experience has merged with an elite network of talented intermediaries and a team of highly specialized architects, which is devoted to the lifestyle demands of our particularly sophisticated clients. The sale of signature objects and prestigious real estate in high-impact locations has proven to be a successful combination, leading to a case history in real estate marketing based on passion, expertise and the use of local intermediary professionals. From centuries-old European castles to houses of acclaimed design and national monuments which have seasoned over time, the historical properties in Altus’ portfolio are at the same time diverse and unique. Just as the owners who are drawn to them. We like to think that our clients aren’t looking for just a house, but are fascinated by the allure and character of the people who once lived there and wish to leave their own traces in these buildings. Our global network is unique in bringing the most demanding buyers and sellers of historic and outstanding property together. By building on this exceptional synergy between a global reach and a personal touch, Altus has become a world leader in successfully selling prestige real estate, supporting clients with useful expert advice and care. From the very beginning Altus operates from a clear corporate philosophy which translates into the integrity, discretion and excellence of the brand: bringing buildings from the past back to their original splendor and highlighting our cultural heritage which belongs to the world and future generations. Please allow us to help you find a property which appeals to your aesthetic taste and character.

Altus Team

Pasquale Cataldi

Founder and CEO
Pasquale Cataldi (1974), born in Calabria but raised in Florence, comes from a family in the construction business and dreamt of becoming a broker. At 26 he was appointed as manager of the family company and after having gained experience in the US he founded Altus in 2016. In the same year he received the Eccellenza Italiana Award from the US Senate and in 2019 Forbes magazine listed him in its top 100 index of managers while conferring him the Private Banking Award of the Milan Stock Exchange in the category Real Estate. In addition he won the CEO Awards of the illustrious international magazine and participated in a study on distribution of wealth by the Scuola Normale di Pisa in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Finance and ISTAT. He is amongst the 10 most influential people in Italy.

Fabio Massimo Covarrubias

Founder and Chairman
Altus é una realtá internazionale operante in tre paesi nel mondo, in questo momento siamo focalizzati su un villaggio di 5 mila case ad Houston per un Milione di MQ di GLA, la marina da 600 posti barca; gli interventi sono «in equity» ovvero finanziati senza banche.

Michele Morandi

Founder and COO
Michele Morandi (1974) has been drawn to design from his early years. After having graduated he starts designing high fashion stores for a studio and learns how important details and having a broad international mind are. After a few years, now working freelance, he applies himself to residential architecture, taking up both new and restoration projects. He develops a passion for restoration in which he combines aspects of high fashion with a minimal approach. His distinctive feature is being able to read the character of a building, value its genius loci and blend its memories with a stroke of contemporary design. Now and then he adds a touch of the Italian and international ’50s style (of which he also manages a Florentine showroom)
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